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Day Care Center Full Of Stuffed Animals? 4 Easy Ways To Keep The Germs Away

Little kids love stuffed animals. Even when you're busy trying to teach them, they're going to want their stuffed animals around. If you run a day care, you probably have a wide assortment of them on hand. Unfortunately, those stuffed animals can get dirty quickly. It can get expensive to go out and buy new ones every time the old ones get dirty. Luckily, there are some quick and easy ways to keep your stuffed animals clean and sanitized.

Machine Wash Them

Most stuffed animals can be machine washed. If you're not sure, just check the tag before you toss them in. Place your stuffed animals in a pillow case and seal it shut with a rubber band. Toss the pillow case in the washing machine and wash it on gentle cycle. When they're done, simply toss them in the dryer. To keep them clean, wash them once a month.

Rub Them Down With Baking Soda

Stuffed animals can start smelling after a few days. A bit of baking soda will remove the musty odor and perk up their fur. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the stuffed animal and rub it into the fur. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes and then brush the fur with an old hair brush.

Throw Them in the Dryer

If you've had lice go through your daycare center, you might want to treat your stuffed animals. Take your stuffed animals that have been played with and place them in a dryer. Turn the dryer on high for about 15 minutes. Next, place the stuffed animals in a dark plastic bag and seal it shut with a piece of duct tape. Set the bag outside for a day or two. The inside of the bag will heat up and kill any bugs that might be on the toys.

Spritz Them with Rubbing Alcohol

Kids carry all types of germs, especially during colds and flu season. You don't have to banish the stuffed animals. Place 2 cups each of water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray the stuffed animals at the end of each day and leave them to air dry until the next morning. The rubbing alcohol will kill the germs that might be on the toys.

Stuffed animals are a childhood favorite. If you're concerned about keeping them clean in a day care setting like Mountainside School, you don't have to worry anymore. These easy-to-follow tricks will help you keep your stuffed animals clean and sanitary for your small children.