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your options in a child's education

As a parent, there are so many decisions that need to be made about your child's education. Do you want your kids to attend public school, private school, or do you want to home-school them? What are your options? What will benefit your child and your family the most? Scroll through my site to find a ton of information that can assist you in making this big decision. Here, you will find all of the resources that I have used to make the decision about what I did for my children to ensure that they are getting the most from the years they spend in the educational system.

Surviving Summer Break As A Stay-At-Home Parent

Summer time is quickly approaching, and that means that the kids will be out of school (such as Rainbow Montessori). It is time to lock yourself in the bathroom until the middle of August  enjoy spending time with your babies while they have a well deserved break from all of their hard work during the school year. But the truth is, that much togetherness can be overwhelming; especially if you are a stay-at-home parent. Here are some tips for enjoying your summer while spending quality time with your kids.

1. Realize that quality and quantity are not the same thing

For some parents, summer break feels way too short, but for others, it feels like this time will never end. So, what is the difference? It may be that the first group focuses on the quality of time that they are able to devote to their children, and the second may be hung up on the amount of time that they are spending with their kids.

Rather than focusing on spending every second of the day doing what your kids want to do, choose to create a few special moments in your routine for doing things together such as reading a book before nap time, going to the park for a picnic, or simply talking with your child on the back patio. Summer does not have to feel like a birthday party every day.

2. Turn off the TV and allow them to entertain themselves

Just because your kids are out of school for the summer, it doesn't mean that there are no rules or boundaries that they still have to abide by. You wouldn't let them spend an entire school day parked in front of the television, so why would you allow it in the summer? Give your kids the tools and opportunity to be creative. Send them outside to ride their bikes, or simply let them play with their toys. Life does not always have to include technology.

3. At least once a week, take some time for yourself

It is okay not to spend every waking moment of the day with your kids during the summer. Taking a break from each other is a great way to make sure that both you and your kids are able to enjoy the time that you do spend together during the summer. Look for a summer day camp program, a library story hour, or a vacation Bible school, where your kids can enjoy the company of other children while you take a few moments for yourself. You will both be glad you did.

4. Decide what can be flexible and what needs to be firm

During the summer, it can be tempting to forego certain family rules such as specific bedtimes and afternoon naps. However, with busy summer schedules, it may help your kids to keep these routines, even if they are modified a little bit. Don't forget that sending your kids to bed at a reasonable time often allows you to have some alone time with your spouse.

These years will be gone before you know it. Take the time to enjoy having your kids home for the summer, but don't forget that it is the quality of time, and not just the quantity that counts.