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your options in a child's education

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3 Ways That Daycare Helps Your Child To Build Stellar Social Skills

You have to go to work. And, that means your child has to go to daycare. That said, the child care center is much more than a place for kids to spend the day. Your young child is learning and developing new skills every day at school. This doesn't just mean that they're learning the ABCs and 1, 2, 3s. Young children also build social skills during the daycare day. How is child care helping your child to develop socially?


As your child reaches the preschool years (ages 3 through 5), they're becoming more aware of other people's feelings. This development leads to the ability to better cooperate with other children. Instead of thinking, "Me, me, me!", they're able to understand that other children have feelings too. At daycare your child will have the chance to become part of a group. In doing this they'll play games with other children and work together on group activities (such as a class finger paint mural or staging a dramatic re-enactment of a children's book). These activities give them the chance to work on cooperation skills.


Not only does your child have to get along with the other kids in their child care class, but they'll also need to share with them. This may mean sharing a treasured toy, art materials, or books. While your child might not master this skill completely at such a young age, the chances that they get to practice sharing during the day will help them to develop this social skill. By the time they get to kindergarten, they'll be a pro at sharing.

Making Friends

The older your child gets, the more important their friends become. Daycare gives your budding social butterfly the chance to meet new children and make new friends. As your child gets to preschool age, they'll begin choosing friends based on shared interests. This might mean that they find a friend who likes the same storybook character or has a shared love of butterflies and fairies. Keep in mind, they're only in the beginning part of finding out who they are and what they like. What's the result? They'll make new friends on a constant basis. They might talk about Jenny 24-7 this week, and then suddenly start chatting you up about Sammy.

Daycare provides young children with the chance to start down their first educational paths. Along with learning about letters and numbers, your child will have the chance to develop social skills. From cooperating and sharing to making their very first friends, child care is a social setting that gives your little learner the opportunity to practice their people skills.

For more information on how daycare can be beneficial to your child, contact a daycare center like Starbright Early Learning Center.