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your options in a child's education

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3 Surprising Non-Academic Reasons To Enroll Your Child In Preschool

Preschool is an excellent opportunity to give your child a running start on their academic career. The preschool environment allows younger children to acclimate to the school environment, making the transition into kindergarten easier and more natural in the future. By helping your child to become more comfortable in these environments, you can allow them to spend more time focusing on learning.

However, academic advantages aren't the only reason to consider preschool. Enrolling your child in a one- or two-year preschool program can have other benefits that may be less obvious at first glance. If you're still on the fence about whether preschool is right for your child, consider these three ways it can help them later in life.

1. Consistent Socialization 

One of the hardest parts of parenting is simply managing your time, especially in single-parent households or households where both parents work. In these situations, you may find it challenging to ensure your child socializes often enough with children their age. Limited socialization can impact children in numerous ways, making this an important factor to manage.

Preschool provides an environment where your child will not only interact with other children of a similar age but do so consistently. This consistent socialization can be critical for parents who find it difficult to maintain regular playdates or who don't have the social circle necessary for this early childhood staple.

2. More Independence

For many children, preschool may be the first time they're away from their parents for any amount of time. While it's not uncommon for young children to spend some time with babysitters or nannies, they typically only do so occasionally and in the familiar environment of their own homes. Preschool exposes children to a new environment without the constant support of their parents.

While this can be a frightening step for many parents, it's one that all children will eventually experience. Since preschool is a smaller academic environment than kindergarten and later grades, it provides a gentle introduction to help build the independent skills that children will need as they grow up and continue their schooling.

3. Guided Creativity

Since many preschool programs focus on helping children to explore and demonstrate their creativity, it also provides a guided environment to develop these skills. Children who enjoy arts, crafts, music, or other creative hobbies can pursue them in a more structured environment. Creativity can be hugely beneficial for children, so this advantage is hard to overlook.

Ultimately, preschool is about more than just giving your child a leg up on their academic career. Early and consistent socialization and a positive and nurturing environment will help your child become more creative and well-rounded, even as they grow well beyond their preschool years.  

Contact a local preschool, such as Creative Montessori Learning Center, to learn more.